The OraViewPro™ USB Camera         Wow Only $899!

The first and only camera priced below $1000 that actually is 100% compatible with your dental imaging software..

The OraViewPro™ camera uniquely features its own proprietary ClickWare™ drivers or "smart drivers" that allows the USB intraoral camera button ("click") to directly integrate with your dental clinic imaging video capture software such as EagleSoft, Kodak Imaging (e.g. with SoftDent or PracticeWorks, etc.), Dentrix Image 4.5, Dexis, Digora and other intraoral imaging camera module software. 

Don't be fooled by cheap Ebay cameras.  The camera buttons DO NOT WORK INSIDE your dental clinic software.

The OraViewPro
camera buttons work correctly within your current dental imaging module clinic software! Most other intraoral camera buttons DO NOT work correctly or you pay $1000's of dollars for proprietary intraoral cameras.

The OraViewPro
USB camera will quickly and easily freeze, save and place the intraoral picture automatically directly into your patient record depending upon which dental imaging clinical software you have**.  It can even cue up your camera ready to take the next picture, automatically without having a second person use the mouse or keyboard. You will be amazed at how nice and easy your camera takes multiple pictures and saves the picture into your patient chart.  The proprietary ClickWarefeature of OraViewProcamera and software handles all this for the operator.   

**Exact automatic camera functionality with ClickWare™ varies only slightly between each clinic software implementation.