he experience of wearing dentures has greatly improved thanks to several advancements in the dental industry. It is now possible to get a pair of great fitting dentures from dentist, Dr. Steven Anderson.

With the success of dental implants, patients have more tooth replacement options for all or several of their teeth. While full dentures remain an alternative treatment to dental implants, implant-supported dentures are a great combination of the two restorations.

“Eat, smile and live in comfort and confidence!”

If you are a dental implants candidate, you can look forward to the benefits of:

  • Healthy bone levels that would otherwise recede
  • A strong foundation for a fixed prosthesis or a fixed hybrid prosthesis
  • Dentures that don’t click or slip out of place

Come and see Dr. Steven Anderson for a dentures consultation. Learn if you are a candidate for dental implants and all your restorative options. Schedule your appointment today!

Dr. Steven Anderson provides comfortably fitting dentures in East Cobb, Georgia and Woodstock, Georgia that will restore both your confidence and your smile.

Non-Surgical Periodontic Therapy

Non-surgical gum therapy is a welcome relief for patients whose gums need a deeper cleaning. Dr. Anderson, East Cobb / Woodstock Dentist, can improve the gum health of his patients with non-surgical procedures such as ultrasonic scaling (cleaning) and root planing.

Our thorough and gentle approach removes the harmful bacteria and irritants from the teeth. This approach may be able to stop the progression of gum disease, saving patients from requiring gum surgery.

Gum Disease Affects More Than Gums

Doctors today are seeing more and more of a connection between the health of the mouth and that of the body. When gums are inflamed or irritated, harmful plaque and bacteria can enter the blood stream and affect other organ systems. This plaque is very likely to increase the risk of heart disease. It’s also possible that gum disease contributes to risk factors for diabetes and pregnant women delivering low birth weight babies. Keep these risks at bay with regular hygiene visits with Dr. Steven Anderson.

Our gentle gum therapy protects:

  • Gums from further infection
  • Teeth from being inhabited by plaque and bacteria
  • Peace of mind – our techniques are comfortable
  • Your body from harmful oral plaque entering the blood stream

With the right dental care, your smile not only looks and feels good, but you can live a longer, healthier life. Call our office to request your appointment or to ask about our comfortable approach for gum disease therapy.

Dr. Steven Anderson provides non-surgical periodontal therapy for comprehensive treatment of gum disease in East Cobb, Georgia and Woodstock, Georgia.

Full Mouth Restoration

What are the concerns about your smile? Is it balanced? Can you eat any foods you like or do you have discomfort? If your bite has become uncomfortable, Dr. Anderson can reestablish its ideal position and renew your smile, confidence and pleasure in eating. When our Georgia dental patients rediscover a healthy smile, the transformation is truly life-changing.

Every full mouth rehabilitation journey is different. Dr. Anderson completely customizes each patient’s treatment plan, taking factors like scheduling into consideration. No matter what procedures you may require, you can look forward to an invigorated smile and the pure joy of living in comfort.

“There is simply no reason to live with dental discomfort.”

For our full mouth rehabilitation patients in East Cobb and Woodstock, these dental services may help refresh your smile:

  • Porcelain crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign
  • Smile design
  • Non-surgical periodontal therapy
  • Inlays & Onlays
  • And more

With the overarching expertise of Dr. Steven Anderson, a full mouth rehabilitation can make you feel like a whole new person! This dental treatment is entirely worth it, so give us a call today.


A missing tooth can be a challenge for any smile. While dental implants are unrivaled in their function, looks and longevity, they aren’t a viable possibility for every patient. Few people want to deal with a removable dental appliance, making bridges a great fixed replacement option for missing teeth.

“Bridges by Dr. Steven Anderson, are beautiful, natural in appearance and restoratiion”

If a missing tooth isn’t replaced, surrounding teeth can drift while bone density recedes, causing even further dental issues. Why create the need for more dental work than you have to? Replacing a tooth with a bridge will help counteract these effects, plus the new tooth lets you smile without embarrassment.

A bridge works by:

  • Attaching to crowns on the surrounding teeth
  • Replacing the visible portion of the tooth
  • Providing a surgery-free tooth replacement option
  • Improving chewing, eating and the structure of your bite
  • Completing your smile

A bridge is a particularly effective dental restoration if you happen to need crowns on surrounding teeth. If you would like to discover the right dental procedure for you, simply call Dr. Steven Anderson’s office for your appointment.

Inlays and Onlays

The best dentistry is about finding the right restoration for the patient’s individual needs. Sometimes, tooth decay requires more than a filling, but doesn’t need a crown. In this case, an inlay or an onlay may be the dental restoration best suited to strengthen the tooth.

Strengthen and preserve your teeth with beauty!

Dr. Steven Anderson’s philosophy is to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. An inlay or onlay is like a metal-free filling, but larger. Patients of Dr. Anderson are amazed at how seamless this restoration is, plus its tooth-colored material makes it blend in with your natural teeth.